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Navigating Insurance Claims for Water Damage Restoration in Nashville, TN

A Step-by-Step Guide to Filing Water Damage Insurance Claims in Nashville

Dealing with water damage in your Nashville home can be stressful and overwhelming, but filing an insurance claim doesn’t have to be. As a multi-state restoration company providing water damage, storm damage, reconstruction, and roofing services, we’re here to help you navigate the insurance claims process and ensure you receive the coverage you deserve. Follow our step-by-step guide to make the process as smooth as possible.

Step 1: Contact Your Insurance Company

As soon as you discover water damage, contact your insurance company to report the issue. They’ll provide you with information on your policy’s coverage, deductible, and any necessary documentation. Be sure to ask about any specific requirements or deadlines for filing your claim.

Step 2: Document the Damage

Before beginning any cleanup efforts, thoroughly document the water damage. Take photos or videos of affected areas and create an inventory of damaged belongings, including their estimated value. This documentation is crucial for your insurance claim and will help your adjuster determine the extent of the damage.

Step 3: Mitigate Further Damage

While you wait for your insurance adjuster to assess the damage, take steps to prevent further damage to your property. This may include:

  • Turning off the water supply if the damage is due to a plumbing leak
  • Removing standing water and drying affected areas with fans or a dehumidifier
  • Protecting your belongings from additional damage by moving them to a safe location


Your insurance policy likely requires you to take reasonable steps to minimize damage, so be proactive in addressing the issue.

Step 4: Work with a Professional Restoration Company

Hiring a professional restoration company like Big South Restoration is key to properly restoring your property after water damage. Our experienced team can handle jobs of all sizes and work directly with your insurance company to streamline the claims process. We’ll provide a detailed estimate of the restoration costs and ensure that your property is returned to its pre-damage condition.

Step 5: Keep Communication Open with Your Insurance Adjuster

Throughout the claims process, maintain open communication with your insurance adjuster. Provide them with all necessary documentation, including photos, videos, and the inventory of damaged items. Be sure to keep copies of all correspondence and records for your reference. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your adjuster for clarification.

Navigating insurance claims for water damage restoration in Nashville, TN, can be challenging, but with the right guidance and support, you can successfully navigate the process. By following these steps and partnering with a professional restoration company like Big South Restoration, you’ll be well on your way to restoring your property and getting back to normal. Contact us today for assistance with your water damage restoration needs.


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